A Little Book of Poetry


There’s something for every aching heart here: poems for depression, for the aging, medically challenged, broken-hearted, weary, fearful, and even the doubters . . . I could clearly see and feel the beauty and comfort of these soothing and inspirational poems about trusting God and God walking with you through the storms.” (click for full review)

– Shirley Alarie, findinggodamongus.com

Endorsements & Reviews

“Kathi Burg’s A Little Book of Poetry, and its accompanying lovely illustrations by Kayla Phan, was a source of abiding comfort and renewal as I cared for my beloved friend during his terminal illness.  It reminded me in the most beautiful ways that the font of resilience and serenity – God – is always at hand.  Ms. Burg is a gifted poet, and I am truly blessed that her poems were a light to me in that very dark time.”
– TERESA F. DOYLE, treasurer, Friends of the Poor

“These words, tastefully set on the page and among fitting images, bridge a gap. It’s a gap felt by all who seek faith. It’s a gap between despair and hope, between dull and meaningful, or between empty and full. They are words from one familiar with the reach, the struggle, the search needed for peace, faith and hope.”

“Kathi Burg’s A Little Book of Poetry speaks a language of the heart. Burg does not avoid the darkness but she also doesn’t leave the reader there…if in doubt, if you’re feeling alone, if you’re in despair, if you’re feeling angry, empty, or without, read this little book. It is a celebration of all God has made. Poetry that doesn’t turn away from life’s difficulties, yet it fills the reader with delight just the same.”
– KIM CROMWELL, award-winning journalist, writer, playwright, poetry

“In A Little Book of Poetry, Kathi Burg has gathered a collection of simpler things that impact us profoundly; things like prayer, nature, family ties, and aging. This little book provides much comfort to its readers.”
– TONY MASSA, pastor, Hillside Community Church

A Look Inside

Hope In God

A collection of poetry that touches on subjects ranging from aging to letting go of the past, from the good news of Jesus to losing people we love, from discouragement to praise for all God has done. A Little Book of Poetry doesn’t shy away from difficult topics, but emphasizes the hope we can experience through God during challenging times.  A Bible verse and an illustration accompany each poem and help to convey the overall message of the nearness of God.




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